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North America Flight Deals

When you need to travel to a far-flung North American destination, whether for pleasure or business, you want to find the best possible North America flight deals.

Best Times to Get Cheap Flights in North America

If you want to score the lowest prices on plane tickets, the cheapest days for arrivals and departures are usually Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The reason these days are cheap, is because Tuesdays and Wednesdays are among the least popular days to fly. This means airlines lower their prices to incentivize consumers. Since most people leave on Monday and come back on Thursday or Friday, these days tend to cost more. Meanwhile, weekend travel usually involves flights on Fridays and Sundays, with people remaining in their destinations on Saturday.

In terms of seasons, you'll spend less on North America flights if you book your travel during the first week or two of December or in January. Spring and fall also offer relatively cheap plan tickets, but avoid Spring Break.

Best Types of Plane Seats Available

Many airlines now offer inexpensive seats with more leg room. For example, Delta's Main Cabin Extra seats offer up to six inches more space for your feet as well as faster debarkation. Similarly, Jet Blue offers "Even More" seats, which feature leg room up to 38 inches and wider seats. You can fly in comfort without spending much extra money, and you can often find coupons or other promotions to further lower the price. Additionally, keep in mind that most airlines hold back certain seats so they can upgrade their frequent flyers and accommodate last-minute customers. If you use the same airline every time you fly, you might score these upgrades without having to pay more for the flight.

Average Price of Plane Tickets

According to the Airlines for America organization, passengers on North American flights paid an average of $400.47 per flight in 2014, which includes airfare as well as reservation changes and bag fees. Travelers journeyed an average of 1,237 miles per trip, which equates to a little over $0.15 per mile. However, prices can vary widely depending on the time of year, the airline, and other factors. For instance, you'll often spend less money if you have a stopover, than if you fly direct. You can also save cash on North America flights if you fly earlier in the morning or overnight.