North America & International Car Rental Deals

North America Car Rental Deals

Car rentals are a necessity when you want to explore a large travel destination at your leisure, but there are some important tips and considerations for choosing the right one.

Best Times of Year to Get Cheap Car Rentals

Car rental prices fluctuate with popular seasons. Long holiday weekends, the winter holidays, spring break, and summer vacation are the most popular times for car rentals. Different cities within North America will have their own peak times as well. If you're headed to New Orleans for Mardi Gras or the host city of the year for the Super Bowl, you'll naturally need to plan further ahead, anticipating a busy period for car rentals. Any time outside these major travel times is a good choice for getting a rental car. If you're booking during any slow season, you should be able to secure a car within two weeks of your travel date. During busier times, book six weeks in advance.

Best Types of Car Rentals Available

The best type of car rental for a vacation in North America will depend largely on the area that you're visiting. If you're headed to a major metropolitan destination like Los Angeles, Boston, or Orlando, you'll probably want an economy or compact vehicle with good gas mileage to help trim your travel expenses. A Toyota Corolla or Volkswagen Jetta makes a smart choice. If you're headed somewhere more rural, like the Smoky Mountains or the Rockies, you might need a more rugged vehicle like an SUV to help you navigate the terrain. Consider options like a Dodge Durango or spacious Chevrolet Suburban. While luxury vehicles can offer a smoother ride and more features, keep in mind that you'll pay a premium both in rental rates and insurance. Going for a no-frills model is easier on your wallet.

Average Price of Car Rental

Car rental prices vary by location. The most expensive place to rent a car in North America is at an airport. Travelers are often stuck with this option because they don't have convenient transportation to another rental location, but it's worth comparing prices and tacking on the expense of taking a taxi from the airport to your rental pickup for some of the deals available at other locations. The average weekly rate for a compact car at the airport is $397 when booked a week in advance. In comparison, a compact car booked a week ahead at a non-airport location averages $198.