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RotaCare Bay Area, Inc.

About RotaCare Bay Area, Inc.
RotaCare Bay Area Inc. is a non profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation that provides free medical care to those with the greatest need and the least access to medical care. The organization was formed in 1989 when a local Rotarian, Dr. Mark Campbell and his Campbell Rotary Club identified the need of many local residents who had limited access to primary healthcare services. They resolved to meet the need with a clinic in Santa Clara. That first clinic, located on the former Agnews State Hospital site has since closed but in its place we now have 12 clinics located throughout the greater Bay Area. Our RotaCare clinics are located in Concord, Daly City, Gilroy, Half Moon Bay, Monterey, Pittsburg ,Richmond, San Jose, San Leandro, San Rafael, and Santa Cruz. The best way to understand our impact is to read or hear from our patients. "I am fifty-two years old and all my life I have had health insurance coverage until this year. So, when I injured my shoulder I had nowhere to go for medical care or relief for my pain. I found myself under constant physical pain and stress from the injury with no hope of treatment. I had no idea what I was going to do to get medical treatment. All I knew was I couldn't live with the pain another day. I was told about a clinic called, "RotaCare" that provided free services for people that had no health insurance. I put all my hopes into this one organization because I needed to find a place that would give me medical treatment and accept me as their patient. I made that call to RotaCare in April of this year and I was treated with the best professional care I could have dreamed possible. The clinic aided me with finding other doctors and services to help me heal my injury. Without the [volunteers] and doctors at the clinic to support and care for my injury I have no idea what state I would be in today. Because of the [RotaCare] Clinic I have almost returned to the full use of my arm/shoulder. I am most grateful for their professional medical skills, knowledge, and services. I never imagined my future without health insurance, yet here I am today not able to get care if I were to need it now or in the near future. I and others like myself cannot survive any illness or suffering due to health problems in our future without the caring support that RotaCare has provided. You see we have nowhere else to go; we are the uninsured. I cannot imagine how many others before me have found themselves without the basic health insurance and in need of places just like the RotaCare Clinic." Sincerely, Donna Santistevan Voices without health insurance
514 valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035
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