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Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries

About Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries
A Heart For The People Outreach – Outreach Mission and Vision Vision The vision of A Heart for the People Outreach is to be a worldwide organization that breathes life and happiness into the community through outreach, soul care, biblical affirmations, and teachings to strengthen great family and moral values. CORE MISSION Outreach 1. Denise’s Closet 2. WE CARE Summer campaign 3. The Maintenance Company Boys to Men workshop Small Group 1. Bible Study 2. Fellowship and Fun Inspirational 1. Prayer 2. Consecration partnering Evangelism 1. Do You know Jesus 2. Reach one, Love All Literary 1. Book Club 2. Creative writing for the Lord Technology in Ministry 1. The World Wide News A Heart For The People Outreach - Denise’s Closet Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries – A Heart for the People Outreach is proud to introduce a new area of focus for our outreach and ministry called “Denise’s Closet”; this function of our outreach has a unique composition to it as it is a combination retail facility, beauty shop, health and wellness consulting and essential needs location. Denise’s Closet will be open to the public and most of the items that will be offered will be to help women and their daughters, of all ages; find a place where they can feel and be accepted as a community of women that are willing to empower and strengthen each other. Denise Closet offers biblically based inspirational writings and affirmations to help each person understand their purpose by learning how to internally uplift their hearts and mind to believing that they have a purpose and mission in their lives. We want every person that come to us know that we are a Faith-Based Christian Organization that are foundational on Christian beliefs and the goal is to help people through the teachings of our faith, outreach, giving, and support. Denise’s Closet will establish itself within the community with the following attributes: 1. “Clean Me Up” Laundry Vouchers 2. “Proud Lady” Inspirational Writings Workshop 3. “ WE CARE” Health and Wellness Workshop 4. “Denise’s Closet” clothing and personal needs initiative 5. Weekly Affirmation and Small Group Fellowship Meetings 6. Book Club 7. ROGOM Café Food Pantry Each program will be held at the Reflections of Grace Outreach Ministries location. Times and duration are contingent upon the number of participants that are enrolled. Denise’s Closet will seek funding through fundraising from various entities within the community, we want to request donations of clothing and beauty products from leading manufactures and retail stores to help build a variety within our inventory for each participant to choose from. ROGOM Weekly Affirmations and Small Group Fellowship Meeting Small Group Fellowship Meetings provide excellent support in times of crisis, change, and stress. We will offer a unique sense of stability and security knowing there are people who really care for you and are standing with you. If someone are in need of a job, and a family member becomes ill, or a single parent needs a babysitter - these are practical needs that we will be able to assist others with through our small group. We believe in good positive fellowship, food, laughter, and encouragement through corporate prayer. We are building a foundation of trust, love and patience so that people who are hiding behind a mask of hurt and pain, can safely remove it and keep it off by hearing and applying the biblical understanding to their everyday lives. We understand that everyone, at some time in their lives, may need help; and it helps to know that others who are facing the same difficulties, or have lived through them learned spiritual principles that strengthened and helped them through the process. You will discover your confidence and self-esteem rising so that other areas of your relationships become better. We believe that every Small Group Fellowship meetings will be unique because of its relaxed casual setting.
P.O. Box 10242, Moreno Valley, CA 92553-9998
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