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Pass It On Inc.

About Pass It On Inc.
Meet Jen. Jen and her husband, Josh, have been married 4 years and have 2 beautiful girls, ages 3 and 18 months. Both Jen and Josh spend every day working and have the goal of getting a bigger vehicle for their family. Some months have more savings, but many don't. It doesn't stop them. Until....Jen lost her job. Although the bills are paid with Josh's income alone, the amount was barely making it through month to month. The small savings left were depleted after 2 months. While Jen constantly searched for work, her self esteem declined after many interviews and no job offers. The stress causes arguments between the couple and they began blaming each other for the situation. Josh blamed Jen for not working, while Jen blamed Josh for not making enough. This story is one of many that happens daily. For some families, it is a declining spiral into physical and emotional pain that cannot be helped without support and knowledge of how to make a difference in this pattern. Debt, health problems, family arguments, divorces, and depression are many "symptoms" of financial struggles. Fortunately for Jen and Josh, they came to us before it lead to divorce and health problems. Our first priority is to support the family with the material items that are desperately needed during a struggle. The purpose of supplies are to supply a portion of the monthly spending budget to 1) allow the family to spend the money on other sources. Some decide to catch up on bills. Some spend this extra amount on food. and 2) build self esteem. The products supplied are of top quality, name brand, product that allow families to care for their personal hygiene and care for their house environment. When the home and family is clean, the moral is raised. Second, we are dedicated into helping the family climb out of a difficult cycle into a way to manage this new situation by providing education and support. All families have the ability to overcome and adjust their situation, but we at Pass It On, believe that many are simply lacking the knowledge, skills, and support to make a change. Whether a family has been struggling for years or have a temporary set back, everyone can benefit from learning how to manage their spending, before able to save. We teach family members Couponology and how to utilize coupons to their advantage in reducing spending. As costs are cut, the income is able to be applied to other much needed areas until a more stable income can be created. Pass It On is the financial freedom that every family needs.
2940 Tuscaloosa Lane, Lexington, KY 40515
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