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Mobius Path Inc.

About Mobius Path Inc.
Möbius Path Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit launched in March of 2017 to help a very special little pony named Emmy. Emmy had been "rescued" almost a year before we met her, but she fell through the cracks in a horrifically inexcusable fashion. We gradually pieced together her past, and put together a video of her history and progress. Emmy had been "rescued" almost a year before we met her, but she fell through the cracks. The "rescue" that owned Emmy during this time shuffled her around various boarding facilities, sight unseen. She was starving, feral, and ended up pregnant. She had received no medical care whatsoever, not even the legally required Coggins test or health certificate for the times she was shipped from state to state. Her auction tag# sticker remained on her from May 2016 to January 2017. She spent over six months in a stall with no turnout. Her hooves had horizontal cracks indicative of past abscesses, which must have been horrifically painful - and we know she received no treatment. Incredibly, despite all the abuse, neglect, and unimaginable stress she endured, she successfully carried her pregnancy to term. Athena was born perfectly healthy about a month after we adopted her mommy! And, almost unbelievably, Emmy has even learned to trust people! She now trots up to us in the field, whinnying. At around 20 years old, her amazing willingness to learn to trust for the first time is one of the most inspiring things we’ve ever seen. We think a huge part of this has to do with our use of positive reinforcement training to build up her confidence, and working with her at liberty in order to give her a sense of safety - and we strongly encourage other rescues and rehabilitators to use these methods. Please follow Emmy and Athena’s progress by Subscribing to our Youtube channel, and at: | | More About Us: We have three main programs: 1) Operating an animal sanctuary that provides a loving permanent home for Emmy and her filly Athena, and a temporary home for adoptable equines. We have several locations willing to board new horses, AND volunteers available to work with them - BUT we need your help to raise funds for purchase, transportation, vetting, feed, board, etc! We are 100% committed to RESPONSIBLE rescuing, and will not pull a horse unless we have the space, time, and the financial resources to provide at least six months of care already secured. 2) Providing educational resources in support of our mission, to teach empathy towards animals and respect towards nature. Our board members have many decades of educational experience with children of all ages and ability levels. We are currently working on developing various on-site educational programs. 3) Maximizing our animal welfare impact through early intervention strategies. We have a long-term plan of preemptively helping horses avoid the kind of trauma that Emmy endured. Horses "downstream" of the abuse cycle have already been neglected by owners, hauled around the auction circuits, and languished in kill pens... That much trauma can scar a horse for life, both physically and psychologically. Our goal is to to save those unwanted horses as early in the process as possible by: networking with summer riding camps to ensure their ponies have a soft place to land for the winter, providing temporary or permanent rehoming assistance for owners during financial crises to ensure their horses don't end up at auction, and educating the public about relevant issues such as over-breeding. We’d like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us along our journey - we couldn’t have come so far without you! Together, we have achieved so much in 2017, and with your ongoing help we’re confident that 2018 will be even better! You can follow Emmy and Athena’s progress online: | | If you agree with our mission, please help us. Thank you again! Warmest Wishes, ~The People and Ponies at Möbius Path Inc
2801 Claflin Avenue, Bronx, NY 10468
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