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Greyhound Gang

About Greyhound Gang
Greyhound Gang, a 501 c3 organization since 1995, is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of greyhounds. Greyhound Gang’s web site - - provides education and information about adoption, behaviors, medical and daily care. Additionally, there are stories about some of the hounds who passed through Gang's doors to their forever homes. Here's the start of Blue's story: Blue I did front line rescue work when I started Greyhound Gang. I took in greyhounds, no longer wanted by the racing industry. I pulled off ticks and fleas. I once counted 55 ticks on one dog. I bathed them. They got vaccinated, spayed or neutered, dentaled. Any other medical condition was taken care of. I housetrained them, and taught them acceptable behaviors for a pet. One of the ways I raised money to pay for the medical work, was to write about some of the dogs needed some special care. I called them Greyt Angels, and human angels sent a check monthly in return for pictures and stories. Blue was one of those hounds. Blue has been with me since April 1998. He was rescued from a cage at Colorado State University where he was slated to be used as a practice surgery dog. His owner had given him to the University, after racing for 3 years. Blue had been one of the trainer’s favorites. His trainer had been lied to and told that he had been ‘petted’ out. I was a small piece of an underground railroad that got greyhounds, slated for terminal surgery out of CSU, and to me to adopt out to loving homes. Go to - ABOUT - Dog Stories for more. Here is the beginning of SportNLove's time with Greyhound Gang. Tough. Tough is a brood bitch. They’ve seen it all; they’ve done it all. Top of their game, and bottom of the barrel. SportNLove Almost eleven, SportNLove had outlived her usefulness to her racing owners. She made money for them for five years, and then bred winners for another five more. Too old to breed, and too old to race, they were going to kill her. “Why keep her around?” were their feelings when she has nothing more to give. But this tough old broad wasn’t ready to stop giving even though she’d given her heart in racing and her soul with her babies. But first, she still had to hang tough. She came to the Greyhound Adoption League flea and tick ridden, skinny, missing a toe, with rotten teeth, deteriorated gums and a huge lump between her shoulder blades. Over the next month she underwent a spay, a dental – where every single one of her teeth were pulled – baths, shots, nails, ears and more. She also had the huge growth removed from between her shoulders that was deemed cancerous. Most didn’t think this girl would have much time left. And yet this tough old broad just keeps continuing to amaze. One day she’s on a cold, sterile operating table getting the last of her teeth pulled – her mouth a gooey, red, pulpy mass dripping slime. And the next day, she is up and about and saying, “What is this day going to bring?” She likes to start her days at 6 am. She races into the bedroom and throws her paw with the amputee toe into my face. Whining, she tells me the day has begun and the day is good. Get up and seize the day. Stumbling out of my bed, I open the slider to shoo her out and crawl back to bed for another hour. But SportNLove has started her day – with her romp on the grass, and her circles and leaps of joy, and her barking. She has to tell you what she’s feeling, and so at 6:05 am I am back out of bed, and shushing her as I’m not sure the neighbors will understand her joyous morning expression of life.
PO Box 274, Kanab, UT 84741
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