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Give Forward Fund for Lynn Gray Hanlon

About Give Forward Fund for Lynn Gray Hanlon
This fund for Lynn Gray Hanlon (Cardiello) will be used for Lynn's medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance. Lynn's company moved her to NV from NJ back in 2010. A few months later Lynn's life would change forever. Lynn was driving from one appointment to another, on company time, as her job required and was stopped in volume of traffic. Out of nowhere, she was hit from behind at 60-65 mph which caused rare neurological damage to her nerves in her head and neck, from the intense hit causing whiplash and hitting her head several times on the steering wheel and head rest. Her diagnosis is Occipital Neuralgia. She also suffered neck injuries, however doctors will not touch her neck until neurologists and pain doctors can get her daily pain under control as it has caused her to experience "seizure like" symptoms as her body shuts down from the excruciating pain. Lynn's motor nerves were also affected and she would lose sight from the pain, she would not be able to speak, move to walk, the side of her face would freeze up, we thought she had a stroke once it was so bad, and yet she looks fine when she sleeps, but her brain is not complying with how she looks, so she stays in bed most of the day as functioning is almost impossible. Lynn also learned that her company DID NOT HAVE WORKMAN'S COMP IN NV, AFTER MOVING HER, AND THEY REFUSE TO HELP HER IN ANY WAY. Her company tried to cover it up by utilizing their CA Workman's Comp Policy to waste time and try to keep her busy so she wouldn't file in NV and find out the truth, that she was not covered in NV, as they did not have a Workman's Comp Policy set up. Dedicated in the wholesale industry for over 21+ years, Lynn was devastated. Lynn has been to over 14 doctors in NV, NY and CA, and has had over 25 procedures including 6+ Radio-frequency Rhizotomies to try and control the pain. Lynn had her first major invasive surgery to cut her Greater Occipital Nerves both left and right on March 30, 2011, which is irreversible and did not give relief. After arriving home from the hospital the next day, Lynn received a FedEx letter from her company stating that she was being laid off due to her needing more than 30 days for medical leave. Her company had been notified and approved all of her doctors notes for medical leave. This is not only sad, but after she spoke to many lawyers for feedback, this seems to be illegal letting an employee go while on approved medical leave, so Lynn is getting the EEOC involved. In the meantime, she has $316,000 in open bills of which her personal insurance did not cover and does not have enough from the auto settlement and especially not enough to make a dent in the open bills which are still climbing daily. Lynn has even tried voluntary trial medical Ketamine procedures through UCLA which are $1,000 per treatment and must be paid out of pocket as they are trial procedures and not covered by insurance. Unfortunately these treatments did not give much relief so Lynn now needs additional surgery. The first portion of her next surgery, will include a trial stimulator in the base of her head which will be performed by a top surgeon at UCLA Medical Center. The costs are climbing significantly and if the surgeon cannot position the needles in the correct spot, as it is very close to the spinal membrane, a brain surgeon will have to assist. The brain surgeon's assistance alone is over $40,000 on top of the procedure. All treatments and doctor visits out of UCLA are paid out of Lynn's pocket, which is now empty as she is only receiving unemployment which equates to the maximum payment of $398.00 per week. Out of that she pays COBRA, as to reiterate she has had no help from her company, and COBRA is $555.00 per month. Lynn does not have the funds to pay her bills and has lost everything. To make matters more difficult, Lynn is allergic to many foods and medicines, including steroids and anti-inflammatory medications, so she is on 13 opiate (pain killers) just to function to walk to the kitchen. She is house bound as the pain is still so intense if she lifts or tries to do laundry or the dishes. Once in a while she will feel well enough to go out with assistance, but will have to pay for it over the next 2 days as the pain from all of the movement sets her head into excruciating pain. So this stimulator trial, is a necessity to hopefully move forward to a permanent nerve stimulator. Lynn is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. Once you have met her, you will never forget her, just as her friends, who are collaborating to help her raise money. She is a giver, and was always on the go prior to the accident. She is a SCUBA instructor, snowboarder, she wanted to learn how to race cars, as that was a dream she and her Dad had since she was little, however her Dad passed some years back unexpectedly, and she continued their dream by taking a couple racing lessons. As a giver, you would never know this traveling professional would ever get her hands dirty, yet she was the first to jump into whatever was needed by friends and strangers, including working on cars, giving the jacket off her back, giving rides when someone was stuck, you could always reach her 24/7 for anything. She gardens sometimes without gloves with a perfect manicure as she loves the earth, people and life. Material things don't matter, health and learning something new every day is what drives her. Her mantra is that there is nothing impossible, just jump in and try. Well, now it's time we jump in and give to this authentic, beautiful person. I remember she donated $1,500 to the local Cancer Fund, when that was all she had in her pocket. She was worried more about others, than herself, so we are at the point where the table is turned, and we must pull together so we can get her back to do what she loves . . . Giving . . . Thank you for taking the time to read this and your consideration helping our dear friend. For any doctors who may read this, Occipital Neuralgia has so many unknowns. Once Lynn hopefully gets better and can move more daily, she is going to donate time to help others with direction in finding doctors who specialize in this very specialized and scary diagnosis. As a side note, if you need a receipt for your donation, you can either print it from the website or we can send one to you. The official name of the 501(c)(3) Charity is GIVE FORWARD FUND FOR LYNN GRAY HANLON. Your gift is tax deductible.
347 Quiet Harbor Drive, Henderson, NV 89052
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