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Friends of Education for African Children Orphaned BY AIDS - FEACOBA

About Friends of Education for African Children Orphaned BY AIDS - FEACOBA
Friends of Education for African Children Orphaned BY AIDS Inc. (FEACOBA) organization is sponsoring and advocating for AIDS orphans through education support and policy in Africa. The orphans who are children left with aged relatives and are out of school, at parents’ death from AIDS need to be provided with basic education if we are to achieve universality in education across nations by 2015. It is understood that African nations have high rate of poverty which affects the development of the community and these children orphaned by AIDS are most vulnerable. Families from these communities experience very poor economic downturn. The implication is the quest to search for improved family economy, the outcome of which leads to HIV/AIDS infection and death. The survived children from these families suffer education and health abandonment as they are left to the shelters of their aged grandparents. A good percentage of these children in rural communities are exposed to hawking, malnutrition, out of school and suffer other health ailment. At Friends of Education for African Children Orphaned by AIDS (FEACOBA), we are vouched to reach out to these children in various rural communities of Africa to a school to help them acquire basic education, good nutrition and care in a comfortable and enabling environment. The academic /education, health /medical, feeding and welfare needs will be made available for these children, inherent talents in these children will be discovered and encouraged during the course of their academic development while in the school children’s hostel. At the end of the Primary School years, FEACOBA will encourage them to middle school, high school, university or professional education. As the whole world look up to the outcome on Millennium Development Goals by 2015, FEACOBA in partnership with Peace Islands Institute are most concerned on the universality of education of children who are from less privileged situations of the world, Children who are orphaned by AIDS and lack the opportunity to obtain basic education as well as advocate for these children for the future the world want for all children. On this ground FEACOBA established a project on Adopt Education Scheme for these children and have been reaching out to communities in search of the children. It is our most concern to explore further on this mission and seek expert and international community help and ideas to ensure on the education of these children by 2015 as stipulated by MDGs Target 2.A which ensures that by 2015, children everywhere, boys and girls alike, will be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.
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