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Cowboys and Roses Renegade Ranch - 1Boy4Change

About Cowboys and Roses Renegade Ranch - 1Boy4Change
I am Christopher Carswell and I am 13 years old. I have been fighting since before I was born... I have had multiple hand reconstructive surgeries. I have had tonsil and adenoid surgery - it went wrong and he had a feeding tube for a while. At some point in my life I had a stroke. I have overcome lots of developmental delays and some I am still working on... October 11, 2007 I started having seizures and I went into respiratory/cardiac arrest. I spent several days in PICU and a couple more days in a regular room. I am on medicine that helps control my seizures. I have had lots of tests, x-rays, MRIs, EEGs and EKGs done. I travel to Miami Children's Hospital twice a year and I have numerous trips to other specialists. I see a cardiologist, neurologist, genetics specialist, orthopedists, ophthalmologist, and a pediatrician. My childhood has been and continues to be governed by medical challenges. January 2010, I received Bronx, my service dog! Now, at-least, I don't have to go through these challenges alone... I have grown stronger and wiser through all of my challenges. I have seen the kindness of a stranger, a random act of kindness, a kind word, a prayer and I know “first hand” how good it can make you feel. Is there anything you see—in your community, in your school, in your church, in your life, in the world—that you’d like to change? Of course there is! Unfortunately, the world is run by adults, and most adults have stopped “BELIEVING” that they can do anything to change the world. That’s why it’s time for kids to speak up. Kids aren’t afraid to think about how to make life in our world better—and kids “STILL BELIEVE” that they can make a difference. Does one person make a difference? Let me ask you, did Christ? God so loved the world that He did something. He didn’t select a committee. He didn’t theorize how great it would be for someone to come to our rescue. He didn’t simply grieve over our waywardness and wring His hands in sorrow. He did something! And, in turn, the Son of God said to God the Father, “I will go.” He did something about it. Have you noticed how suffering brings people together? Have you watched how people respond to disasters? Suffering pushes us out of our homes. It puts us in touch with our neighbors. Hardship forces us to grab hands with one another and pull up closer together. In an overpopulated world, it’s easy to underestimate the significance of one. There are so many people who have so many gifts and skills who are already doing so many things that are so important, who needs me? What can I as one individual contribute to the overwhelming needs of our world, our church, etc.? “1 Boy 4 Change” is my website for “change.” Change in the way we see ourselves, our community and our world. I am showing everyone how to “pay it forward, to educate” and “to be kind” – join me and we can all make a difference in at least one life!
145 Myers Hill Road, Brunswick, GA 31523
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