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International Cruise Deals

If you're looking for an international cruise that you can fit in your budget, there are several smart strategies that will help you hit the seas affordably.

Best Time of Year for International Cruises

Nearly all cruises have a low season, shoulder season, and high season. Avoid the high season for your favorite destination if you don't want to pay a premium for your vacation. The low season is the most affordable and least crowded — usually for good reason. In the low season, you might find that your favorite activities are out of season right along with tourism. The shoulder season often offers the best of both, with good cruise deals and a wealth of popular excursions available during your trip. The shoulder season for the Caribbean and Bahamas is between December and early April. Asia's shoulder is between late March and May or November and December. The Mediterranean and Greece enjoy a shoulder between May and early June or late September and October. If you're headed to South America, try booking between late March and April or November and December.

Best International Cruise Routes

For affordable international cruising, the best destinations are typically those within a few days' sailing. You can enjoy Baja Mexico, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean in just a few days for a pleasantly low price. If you want to access a destination that's farther away, look for a repositioning cruise. These one-way cruises take place when a cruise line is moving a ship from one destination to another. Along the east coast, you can find repositioning cruises to Europe. On the west coast, you might find an affordable repositioning cruise to Asia or Australia. This is the best way to score a low-cost transatlantic sail.

Most Popular International Cruise Lines

The best cruise line for your trip has a lot to do with the type of getaway that you're after. The Disney Cruise Line regularly earns a spot as the best cruise line for families. Its onboard amenities include 3D screenings of new Disney movies, character meet-and-greets, and original Disney artwork and decor throughout the ship. This is the only cruise line where you can enjoy a Frozen-themed deck party or Star Wars celebration at sea. Royal Caribbean International is the best choice for budget-minded travelers who list price as their top concern. Carnival Cruise Lines and Celebrity Cruises rank highly for their affordable pricing models as well.