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Going on a vacation is an enjoyable luxury that too many of us avoid because of the high cost, but if you're smart about booking your hotel, you can easily enjoy a perfect holiday.

Explore Off-Season Opportunities

Most destinations have a busy season, when tourists arrive in droves. Whether it's during a sports season, in the midst of spring break, or over the entire summer, it's understandably more expensive to book a hotel when every other visitor in town also needs somewhere to stay. However, you can save quite a bit of cash if you're willing to change your travel plans. Take some time to research your destination and learn about the most popular months and seasons. Sometimes all you need to do is wait a month.

Look for Coupons

Coupons aren't just for knocking 50 cents off an item at the grocery store. You can easily find online coupons and coupon codes for your favorite hotels. If you can't locate coupons, consider booking a room at a hotel that gives a discount for certain groups, such as senior citizens or AAA members.

Always Compare Prices

Price comparison is your best friend no matter what you're buying. Any time you travel, it pays to compare everything from plane tickets to room rates. Not only can you find a better rate when you shop around, but many hotels are perfectly willing to price match, so you may even score the chance to stay at a better hotel for less.

Think Small

Sometimes you get a better deal when you book with smaller, lesser-known hotels. You don't necessarily have to stay at a boutique hotel, although those are certainly charming — but remember that a smaller brand may offer competitive rates. That doesn't mean you have to stay in a run-down or sketchy hotel, either. However, if you do decide to step away from the big brands, make sure you read reviews left by previous visitors.

Look for Package Deals

You can often save a surprising amount of money when you book a package deal. For a set price, your airfare is completely taken care of, and your accommodation is safely reserved. You can't beat that for convenience!

Sometimes you can even save money by not making a reservation, but it's usually better to plan. Set aside some time to research, compare, and shop around. Your wallet will thank you, and you'll feel extra relaxed after your vacation!