Family & Theme Park Vacations

Family Vacation Package Deals

Hunting down the right deals is important when you're planning a major vacation for your family, and the right strategies will help you snag a package that everyone can enjoy.

Consider Seasonality

Seasonality is a major factor when you're booking a vacation package. Peak seasons for family destinations coincide with school vacations. During spring break, summer, and the winter holidays, you'll see a major increase in travel prices. However, you may also find some great package deals in these seasons, as family destinations strive to outdo one another with their offers. Comparison shopping is crucial if you're planning to travel during peak tourism seasons. Scour the available offers carefully and read the fine print to make sure you're getting the best deal. If you're booking a family vacation package outside the traditional travel seasons, you'll enjoy lower prices nearly anywhere you go, but your options for comprehensive packages might be a little slimmer.

Know Your Agenda

Consider your family's agenda carefully when you're picking a vacation package. Are you interested in getting admission to as many theme parks as possible? Do you prefer educational destinations like local museums? Perhaps you're most interested in cultural highlights such as art museums, theaters, and concert halls. Knowing what you're after will help you uncover package deals with the right highlights. Many packages offer discounted admission to three or four destinations in a similar vein. Local zoos, aquariums, and botanical gardens often band together and offer combined passes for a fraction of what you'll pay for separate tickets. Make sure you have a wish list of destinations in hand, so you can pinpoint the package that will get you affordable entry into the right places.

Explore Alternative Destinations

If you're struggling with the high cost of a family vacation to a major destination like Orlando, you may want to think beyond the popular picks and explore some lesser-known locations. Instead of going to a major theme park like Walt Disney World, consider spending a day at a smaller destination like Six Flags St. Louis and adding other family friendly attractions to the mix, like the St. Louis Science Center and St. Louis Zoo. You don't always have to go far to find cheap alternative destinations. Swap out popular Floridian beaches like Cocoa Beach, Clearwater, or Miami for hidden gems like Jupiter, Vero Beach, or Caladesi Island where you can enjoy the same soft sands and sparkling water with fewer crowds and lower prices.