Europe Cruise Deals

Europe Cruise Deals

If you're looking for a unique and beautiful part of the world for your next vacation, consider searching for high-value European cruise deals.

Best Time of Year for Cruises to Europe

When you're interested in European cruises, focus on the summer months. The high-season generally lasts from late April until early October. If you book your cruise outside these dates, you might save money, but you'll have to bundle up against the icy-cold weather. If you're called to Italy, Spain or Greece, you can usually catch good weather during these months. Keep in mind that it may get hot and humid around July and August.

If you want to go to Northern Europe, it all depends on what you want to see. Cruises in the summer allow you to enjoy warmer weather, long days, and impressive views of landscapes. Late spring and early summer are ideal for enjoying the Nordic landscapes of Finland and Norway. If you prefer snow and ice to sunshine, then you might want to book a winter cruise, as long as you're dressed for it. You may also have a greater chance of seeing the Northern Lights when the nights are longer.

Popular Stopover Places for Cruise Lines

The stopover destinations for European cruises vary depending on what part of the region you want to visit. For instance, if you plan a Mediterranean cruise, you'll likely stop in Greece and Italy. If you head east, you may reach Israel. If you head west, you may stop in Monaco or Spain. Baltic cruises have also become extremely popular. They often include stopovers in places like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Alternatively, book a European river cruise up the Rhine and Danube Rivers. You might have stopovers in Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Cologne, Melk, and dozens of other cities. Meanwhile, a British Isles cruise will likely include stopovers in fairytale destinations in Scotland, England, and more.

Most Popular Cruise Lines

Dozens of cruise lines run in Europe, some of which have more pervasive reputations than others. For instance, Carnival has a big presence in the Mediterranean region and operates several ships in the area. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and Princess are also popular choices, especially among travelers who prefer a more luxurious experience. NCL has won several awards and offers many attractive perks on its ships, such as unlimited free beverages, free wireless internet, and more. Alternatively, check out the Celebrity cruise line, which is known for its excellent reputation among baby boomers. It keeps costs down by refurbishing older ships instead of investing in new ones.