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Create Emergency Sign Language Booklet

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About Create Emergency Sign Language Booklet
Our Project We created an emergency medical sign language booklet that includes essential words and phrases in five different sign languages (American, British, Chinese, Spanish, and French) for Deaf and Hard of Hearing immigrants in the Pennsylvania area. However, in order to finish our project, we need funding to print and distribute these booklets to where they are needed most. Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated, and thank you for helping make this world a better place! Our Story Our names are Kacey and Kayli Yip, and as part of a capstone project, we decided to create a brief booklet of emergency medical signs in various Sign Languages around the world. One year ago, neither of us would have known that there was a variety of sign languages. Like many others, we would have assumed Sign Language was a universal language. Learning sign language had always been an interest of ours, but we never took initiative—that was until last year, when an interpreter at our school sparked our interest again. Not long after, we were introduced to the Deaf culture and learned more than just a language. The interpreter offered to teach us sign since we coincidentally had the same lunch period. Through the ASL (American Sign Language) club at our school and online resources, we were able to dive deeper into what sign language is about. When our capstone project was given, we knew we wanted our project to help others through the use of sign language. We recognized the need for equal accessibility everywhere, but especially in medical settings. This is when we decided to create a booklet of essential emergency medical words and phrases in five different sign languages. Since we once immigrated, we understood how difficult it is to adapt to a new culture and learn a new language. We realized that the immigration process is twice as difficult of Deaf and Hard of Hearing immigrants, as they have to learn sign language in addition to English. This is why we included five languages in our booklet; we wanted to have a global approach and allow of immigrants to feel comfort in a stressful time. The five languages include ASL (American), BSL (British), CSL (Chinese), LSE (Spanish), and LSF (French).
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Raised by 1 person in 39 days
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Created October 14, 2017
Kayli Y
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