Winter Wonder – Art Made by Walking

It is inspiring and breathtaking to behold. It’s an art form all its own that inspires amazement and wonder. This is Snow Art, and if you’ve seen it online before, it probably was created with the same two feet.


Unsurprisingly, these two feet belong to the creator of Snow Art, Simon Beck. A UK native and Engineering graduate of Oxford University, the avid skier left his field to become a cartographer.


His fascination with birds-eye perspectives and his love of skiing led him to create the new art form one frigid day during December 2004. After skiing all day, Simon drew a patterned star on a frozen lake using his steps. The following day, he saw his work from the top of the ski lift and was so impressed that, just like that, snow art was born.

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Each piece, depending on the scale, can take anywhere between a few hours and an entire day to complete, so planning and timing are crucial.


Gaining fans from around the world, Simon has turned his passion into an all-out career, staging live performances and partnering with big global brands.

Prepare for your next trip down the mountain with and shred powder with confidence.


There have been many who’ve started creating their own snow art, but none yet have been as precise and beautiful as Simon Beck’s creations.


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