Cargotecture – Simple Beauty, Made with Shipping Containers

Within the worldwide rush towards simplification and green living over the past decade, a way of life has risen up and continues to gain new traction every day. It’s called tiny living (or simply, living small), and it’s getting huge.

Tiny living is definitely loosely defined, but it usually means having a home roughly under about 300-400 square feet, depending on the number of occupants. And without much room to work with, making every square inch count is gigantically important. That’s why the main obsession/feature of tiny houses is creating multipurpose spaces. Toilet/office. Kitchen/shower. You get the idea.

2016 and the world we live in provide so many reasons to start living smaller. For quite a few, as you might imagine, it’s all about saving money. You can certainly kiss most of your home expenses goodbye by opting for something this extreme. Just think about what you could save on utilities alone.

But for most of the new tiny homeowners carving out their own little space in the world right now, it’s all about living simpler. Greener. Healthier. Mentally, it’s even been found to add a productive, enjoyable, more organized pace to people’s lives.

But what many enthusiasts around the world are in love with right now is what insiders call Cargotecture.


These wondrous tiny home creations are built by modifying standard steel intermodal containers (aka the universal shipping container) into works of residential beauty.


Used shipping containers are available in common places across the world, which has made this amazingly creative trend so global.

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Because the containers have standard dimensions, this allows for incredibly modular construction possibilities.


There are a few disadvantages, including building permits in certain areas of the world, temperature control (steel gets HOT!), and overall maintenance obstacles.  


                                                                                                                    image sources:,

But man, I could use a vacation home.

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