Twerking, Tweeting, & Nikki Minaj: Nonprofit Video Parodies That Matter

How do you get people to talk about Colon Cancer? Apparently, you gotta twerk for it!

Most non-profits, or people advocating for a cause, are faced with the quandary of how to make themselves relevant to millennials. Last week, we described the changing landscape of online fundraising, and how important it is to let old-school non-profit fiscal models breathe some fresh, contemporary air. And what’s hot on the Internet these days? Well let’s see: twerking, tweeting, Nikki Minaj…

So, in honor of social justice and pop culture working together — I bring you the five most attention-grabbing, pop culture utilizing, viral videos for “good causes” on the web. And yes: you can dance to all of them. See, isn’t 2015 fun?

A Nikki Minaj Anaconda Remix about Water Pollution
“Kodaikanal won’t, Kodaikanal won’t, Kodaikanal won’t step down until you make amends now.”

Click here to sign their petition to get Unilever to clean up their mess!

First World Problems read by Third World people
“When I have to write my maid a check, but I forget her last name.”

If you’ve ever said one of these things, you should def. donate.

Expectation vs. Reality of giving back (Award Winning)

Follow the frog wherever you are.

PSA: Don’t Freak, I’m Sikh
“So, the next time you see a turbaned man on the streets, remember he is a man of love, equality, & peace.”

Check out Pardeep’s Instagram for more awesome videos (& dope style).

Twerking For Colon Cancer
Shake it, guys!

Moral of the twerk: go to the doctor to get checked.

Homeless People Read Mean Tweets *cue tears*
“If home is where the heart is, are homeless people heartless?”

Think before you tweet! And learn more about RaisingTheRoof.

2 thoughts

  1. The cruelty of the negative tweets regarding the homeless, are from people who haven’t had adversity and who are totally unaware of how and why homelessness occurs. In other words they are STUPID. Watch out Karma will get you.


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