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Non-profit Crush Of The Week: Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

Every month we bring you stories about non-profits around the country that we’ve been crushing on. Enjoy tales of innovation, inspiration, and full-throttle energy as you read about the hard-working people who have dedicated their lives to keeping society just. If you’re looking for a non-profit to support with all your Goodshop savings— you’re in the right place. 

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative has grown roots deep in the local community over the past three planting seasons— ever since it rose from the ashes of a six floor apartment building on Bush Street in Northern Detroit. The Urban Farm, which also acts as a hub for education and sustainability, provides serious solutions to many of the major problems faced by the surrounding area, such as: lack of access to nutritious foods, un-utilized vacant land, unemployment, and nutrition education. Most residents in the neighborhood don’t own cars (oh, how the Motor City has changed) and the closest vendor of fresh produce is over two miles away. Thanks to MUFI, that has all changed, as fresh organic produce is now available within walking distance of many in the neighborhood. They also take great strides to make sure that the food is accessible to everyone: no one is denied, even if they don’t have the funds to pay.

But MUFI doesn’t end with the farm. Around their rows of lettuce, kale, and carrots they have built a thriving community center, a sensory garden for kids, and a cafe/restaurant (which is currently being built). Recently, MUFI was able to rally community support in order to install the solar panels that they need to power the farm through sustainable energy.

We at Goodshop tip our hats to MUFI for bettering the lives of everyone in their neighborhood, and have made a small bonus donation in their name. Currently, MUFI only has eight supporters on Goodshop. We encourage you to go check them out, and if you feel as inspired as we are, to register with them as your selected non-profit. That way, every time you shop online, you’ll be contributing to the fantastic work they are doing to revitalize their community from the bottom up. Cheers MUFI!

Non-profit Crush Of The Week: Michigan Urban Farming Initiative