Alaska Cruise Deals

Alaska Cruise Deals

If you're looking for a cruise experience that's a distinctive departure from hot sands and tropical fish, you'll fall in love with the vibrant and rugged experiences that await you on an Alaskan cruise vacation.

What Is Alaska Like?

Though you may picture Alaska as a frozen escape blanketed in snow, this cruise destination offers a diverse selection of sights, many of which are much greener than you may imagine. Denali National Park is a prime example of the stunning diversity of Alaska. You'll find taiga forest, alpine tundra, and snowy mountains. Glacier Bay National Park features everything from snow-capped mountains and tidewater glaciers to a temperate rainforest rich in spruce and western hemlock. Alaska's forested shores are a far cry from the sandy beaches of other cruise destinations, offering a refreshing escape that's undeniably distinct.

Best Time of Year for Cruises to Alaska

Alaska's cruise season runs from May through September for most cruise lines, though a few will tack on an extra month. June and July are the most popular picks for cruising Alaska because of the warmer weather and optimal daylight. However, you'll enjoy lighter crowds and lower prices in the shoulder months of May and September. September is also the ideal time for viewing fall foliage and picking summer berries, and the mosquitos that can be so bothersome in the summer have generally died off by this time. You can avoid bugs in May as well because they haven't hatched yet. This season is ideal for seeing budding spring flowers and impressive waterfalls as snow melts.

Popular Stopover Places for Cruise Lines

Juneau is the capital of Alaska, and one of the most popular ports of call. Juneau is home to the Alaska State Museum and Last Chance Mining Museum. Popular excursions in the area can take you out to explore ice caves or go dog sledding. Ketchikan is another common stop. This is the "Salmon Capital of World" and home to the Saxman Native Totem Village and Totem Heritage Center. Skagway is a must-see port of call if you're interested in relics from the gold rush. This was the gateway for those headed to the Yukon. You can tour gold rush camps, talk to reenactors from the period, and even pan for gold yourself. Don't forget to stop in the Red Onion Saloon, a National Historic Building that was once an exclusive bordello. Today the saloon houses a respectable bar and restaurant.