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About Thermal-Aid

Treating sore muscles or resting after an injury has never been cuter than with the furry animals from Thermal Aid. Customers can choose from several characters — a bunny, hippo, elephant, koala, bear, monkey — that can be heated and then cooled to soothe even the pickiest of patients. The products are university-tested, doctor-recommended, cuddly, soothing, washable — and best of all — 100% natural. Look out for Thermal Aid coupons and promo codes to save on your purchase.

About Thermal-Aid Deals

Thermal-Aid is one of the most inventive ways to help your child find comfort when they are injured. Their cuddly little friends offer you the best in thermal care for your children. They can provide cooling and heating when necessary for everything from scrapes and bumps to ear infections. The company charges a low fee of $14.95 plus shipping and handling and with Thermal-Aid coupons you can buy one and get one free. The products are 100% natural and will give you everything you need to help your child feel better fast.

Thermal-Aid animal friends are easy to use whether you need hot or cold for your child. They come in many animal types such as bear, elephant, bunny, hippo, koala and monkey and they have many colors to fit every child’s desires. Ordering online is easy and you will find that they have a customer service department ready to help you when you need it. They are so sure you will like the product that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. You will want to make sure you take full advantage of their deals and get the best friend your child will have when they are not feeling well.