About Teva

Essentially, Teva has two fundamental responsibilities: to play and to protect. The users of Teva play in the water, but they also see the need to be protected from it. Teva's responsibility is to manage this delicate balance, so you can go forth without reservation. Armed with 30 years worth of knowledge and technology, the makers of Teva are dedicated to developing products that strike this balance to deliver the most out of your adventures. Use Teva coupon codes to get great savings and discounts on your next pair.

About Teva Deals

Teva is all about bringing great innovations in footwear to you so you can enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities in comfort and style! Teva footwear offers you all weather footwear solutions to protect your feet, keep them dry when it’s wet, keep them warm when it’s cold and give you the traction to keep moving up and forward! With Teva, you don’t have to choose between natural motion and comfort. The TevaSphere’s spherical heel and support pods gives you both the natural motion benefits of barefoot, and the comfort and protection of a traditional shoe while Teva’s Shoc Pad™ technology, will give you a smooth ride without inhibiting your performance. Nothing takes the pleasure out of walking along the beach faster than the annoying squish from waterlogged sandals. Teva’s Drain Frame™ sandals drain water like a sieve, to spare you from the misery of waterlogged footwear. Teva knows it doesn’t do much good to have shoes with waterproof membrane that keeps water out, but makes your feet sweat. That’s why they created a line of men’s and women’s shoes made with eVent® membrane. eVent keeps water out while it wicks sweat away from your feet, so they stay dry. For cold weather comfort and protection, Teva offers boots and shoes made with their T.I.D.E Seal membranes and 3M Thinsulate™ insulation. T.I.D.E Seal literally seals out water keeping your feet dry while thinsulate provides lightweight protection from the cold. Check out Teva’s full line of boots, shoes and sandals today. Get the comfort and protection you need at a price you can afford. And remember to take advantage of great offers by using your Teva coupon code!