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About Technollo

Switching to a new phone and want to get paid money for your old device? Getting paid for your old cell phone is easy with Technollo! Find your phone by typing in the model and get an offer, mail it in for free, and get paid FAST! Technollo will buy back any phone of any kind in any condition, so visit today and see what your phone is worth. Remember to use your Technollo coupon code and take advantage of promotional offers and deals!

About Technollo Deals

Sell or recycle your old smart phones at Technollo. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone it is and it doesn’t matter what condition it is in. If you’re looking to make some easy money of old phones you were going to toss anyway, check out Technollo for some sweet deals. Simply dig through your old box of stuff and find all your old smart phones. Then visit Technollo and plug in your phone’s details. You can use the actual model number or the name of the phone. Once you find it, select the conditions and submit your order. Like what you see? Then you can instantly print a prepaid shipping label or wait 3-5 days for our kit to arrive. Offers are good for 30 days from the time the order is placed to send your device in to them. If you send them your device after that time has passed, your original offer is void and they may requote you for a different value. Then, run to your nearest post office and mail it in for free! Then, simply wait to get paid fast! Looking for a corporate buyback program? Technollo can help you with that too. Thanks to Technollo, your company can now easily upgrade devices. Fill out their quick and easy online form and tell them what you need to sell. They’ll respond with an offer and instructions on how to get started. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next order or purchase by taking advantage of Technollo coupon codes for special discounts and exclusive offers.