Success Stories

More than 99,000 charities and schools are now participating in GoodSearch and more than 100 new groups are joining each day! Here are just a few of the many success stories thus far:
  • ASPCA has earned $40,000
  • Best Friends Animal Society has earned $22,500
  • Bubel/Aiken Foundation has earned $16,000
  • Cesar and Ilusion Millan Foundation - The Dog Whisperer has earned $9,100
  • Children's Tumor Foundation has earned $5,100
  • Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has earned $16,000
  • Delaware Technical and Community College has earned $15,000
  • Elephant Sanctuary has earned $15,200
  • Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy has earned $6,000
  • Food Allergy & Anaplylaxis Network has earned $6,400
  • Heifer International has earned $7,600
  • Invisible Children has earned $7,000
  • Penn State U. Dance Marathon has earned $6,600
  • Save Darfur has earned $11,700
  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has earned $14,800
  • Students for a Free Tibet has earned $4,400
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars has earned $3,800
  • WMNF Community Radio has earned $2,600
  • World Wildlife Fund as earned $7,600

GoodShop Success Stories
  • A $4,700 order was placed at Adobe Software, earning Capri Elementary School in California $191.

  • An $80 order at generated an $11 donation for the US Campaign for Burma

  • Thousands of other purchases large and small have been made helping out great causes across the country.
Each week we also receive wonderful stories about people and organizations who are helping to make the world a better place and who are using GoodSearch to achieve their goals. Here are a couple:


Make every click a GoodClick when you use GoodSearch and GoodShop. Below are examples of nonprofits that have had success with our programs.
Humane Society of Greater Akron

Humane Society of Greater Akron

Dear GoodSearch,

Here are before/after photos of the dog that helped.

His name is Snoopy. He is an 8-month old American Bulldog mix. He was hit by a car and rescued by the HSGA about 2 months ago.

His leg was badly fractured, with multiple cracks and micro-fractures. The veterinarian wasn’t sure if his leg could be saved. But at his size it is very important to save the leg if possible. He went to a special veterinarian who placed pins and wires in his leg. He wore a cast for 6 weeks, which has since been removed. His pin will come out in 2 weeks and the wires will remain for life. The veterinarian feels he will make a full recovery and is a fantastic dog!

The cost of the surgery was approx $500. When you figure in the costs of neutering, vaccines, Heartworm preventative, de-worming, micro chipping, food and shelter for 2 months, the total sits around $850.

Thanks to GoodSearch, Snoopy has a second chance at life and will find an amazing home. One cent really does make a difference when you add it all up!


Chalan Geul
Director of Communications
Humane Society of Greater Akron

"The Greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Ophelia's Place

Ophelia's Place

"After being featured, we received an e-mail from a mom who was in desperate need of support. Her 15 year old daughter has been struggling with anorexia for quite some time and the family had could not find the support services they needed.

It was when we were featured as Charity of the Day that she learned about Ophelia’s Place. After viewing the first few slides of the video on our Web site, she was moved to tears. She felt as if she finally found the support organization she had been looking for. Since her e-mail to us, we've been in contact a number of times. With each e-mail, we offer encouragement, support and possible "plans of action."

Because of GoodSearch, we're now helping another family cope with this devastating illness. This mother is in the process of changing her community by creating a support group for sufferers and bringing awareness to this disease in the schools. We are thankful to be able to assist her on her journey."

-- Jill Ouikahilo Health & Wellness Coordinator, Ophelia's Place

Zachary Solomon and the Children's Organ Transplant Assoc.

Zachary Solomon and the Children's Organ Transplant Assoc.

"When he was just five weeks old, my son Zachary Solomon developed a disease called Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) which causes the small bowel to die. Now at eight months of age, Zachary's only chance for long-term survival is a small bowel transplant.

What started as an email to 150 people has resulted in over 35,000 hits on Goodsearch on Zachary’s behalf in just two and a half months and the number just keeps growing. Together with our other fundraising efforts, we hope to provide Zachary everything he needs.

If you’d like to search on behalf of Zachary Solomon please enter the name “Zachary Solomon” into the “Who do you GoodSearch for?” box. For more on Zachary’s story, please visit"

-- Paige Solomon