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About Stompeez

Stompeez is the perfect gift for any child or teen looking to add some fun to their feet! As advertised on T.V., Stompeez is that adorable slipper that’ll drive any child or teen to want to literally kick their shoes off and jump into a pair of these comfortable slippers. Stompeez conveniently offers various animal themed characters for the preference of any girl or boy. At 19.95 a pair, Stompeez makes the perfect inexpensive gift for friends or family members by utilizing the coupon code for great deals.

About Stompeez Deals

Stompeez is the new animal themed slipper that’s been adding pizzazz to the feet of every child and teen that owns a pair. Compared to ordinary slippers, Stompeez provides personality to the feet of every child and teen as each character executes their own distinct action while stomping around in these slippers.

Originally offered as an“As Seen on T.V.” product, Stompeez can be purchased directly from their website by visiting where they can be purchased at the affordable price of $19.95. Using Stompeez coupon codes to acquire a pair of these furry slippers will provide a great deal for any boy or girl that wishes to own a pair.

To ensure that your experience is a comfortable & enjoyable one, Stompeez offers all purchasers a 60-day money back guarantee. In addition to the money back guarantee, Stompeez also provides free shipping to purchasers that place an order of two or more pairs of slippers.

Stompeez currently offers 8 variations of its colorful furry friends to purchasers of which are offered in sizes of small, medium and large. Stompeez offers secure checkout of any of your purchases via secure checkout. After placing an order, please allow 10-15 business days for shipping.

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