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About Stir Wands Direct

Use Stirwands to hydrate, oxygenate and detoxify! Stirwands can be used in all your drinking water, your bath, pool, spa, aquarium, laundry, cleaning, watering plants, etc, and are safe to use in hot liquids. Different mineral blends affect the amount of coherent energy put out by each type of Stirwand, as well as the individual enhancing benefits of each. Two of them can be specifically blended for targeted uses. Experience more energy, better sleep, increased mental acuity, greater nutrient absorption, younger looking skin and much more with Stirwands Direct. Order with your Stirwands Direct coupon code and save!

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Water is seeming everywhere and you may think you're drinking more than enough, but chances are you're not. As we age, the percentage of our body made up of water gradually decreases. When we were born we were 90% water, but not anymore. How well hydrated you are affects every bodily process: removal of toxins, electrical energy for brain function, blood oxygen levels, energy-generating cycles, immune system, hormone production, muscle tone, joint flexibility and strength, nutrient absorption, digestion, bone health, nails, skin and more. To achieve even a chance at a healthy life, we need a continuous flow of enough balanced, energized water, or everything gets stagnant. It’s said that 75% of all disease can be traced back to even short term dehydration – from hypertension to strokes to cancer, depression and arthritis. The solution is here though. Make the water you drink count with Stir Wands Direct. It's a simple pen-sized wonder.  When stirred in your water for 20 seconds before you drink it, the Stirwand is clinically proven to naturally, without adding anything artificial, quickly restores virtually any clean, potable water to near perfect balance and stability. Stirred water delivers therapeutic levels of hydration and oxygen to your cells via single water molecules, increases hydration immediately, increases blood oxygen immediately, decreases cellular toxins, and remains stable for 48 hours in an opened container. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next purchase by taking advantage of Stir Wands Direct coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions.