About Smith Micro

Smith Micro is the developer of StuffIt, Poser, Anime Studio, Manga Studio, and many other helpful software utilities and graphics products for Mac and Windows. Find all your essentials in 3D, animation, comics, content, utilities, enterprise, and more. Take advantage of their downloads including free trials, free software, and updates. Be sure to get extra savings on all your purchases by taking advantage of Smith Micro coupon codes.

About Smith Micro Deals

Smith Micro provides software and services that simplify, secure, and enhance the mobile experience. Their portfolio of wireless solutions includes a wide range of client and server applications that manage voice, data, video, and connectivity over mobile broadband networks. Their primary customers are the world’s leading mobile network operators, mobile device manufacturers, and enterprise businesses. In addition to their wireless and mobility software, Smith Micro offers personal productivity and graphics products distributed through a variety of consumer channels worldwide. Over three decades, the company has developed extensive expertise in embedded software for networked devices (both wireless and wired), which has been leveraged to solve an unending tide of connectivity and mobile service challenges for their customers. As network operators and businesses struggle to reduce costs and complexity in a market characterized by rapid evolution and fragmentation, Smith Micro answers with innovative solutions that increase reliability, security, performance, efficiency, and usability of wireless services over a variety of networks and device platforms. They offer business solutions for enterprise mobility management, mobile and cable operators, device and PC manufacturers, and partners. Their products include QuickLink Zero, QuickLink Hotspot, QuickLink MiTile, QuickLink Mobility for Enterprise IT, QuickLink Mobile and QuickLink MBIM Middleware. The Smith Micro store offers Enterprise, StuffIt, Poser, Anime Studio/ScatterShow, and Manga Studio/MotionArtist. Need more support? Check out their knowledge base for additional resources, downloads, product registration, store support, and more. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next purchase by taking advantage of Smith Micro coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions.