About Sittercity

Are you seeking the savviest sitters and most knowledgeable nannies in your neighborhood? With Sittercity, it's easy to find the experienced care you need with features like detailed profiles, background checks, references and reviews. Parents post the jobs they need filled. Caregivers apply for the jobs that suits them in their area of expertise. Find the right match and feel secure in your choice. Check it out and start your free sitter or nanny search now with Sittercity coupon codes.

About Sittercity Deals

At Sittercity, they understand that finding a babysitter is an exceptionally personal matter and impacts the most important aspect of families' lives which is why they provide an array of services and resources to help families make safer and more informed hiring decisions. At some point, every person and every family will have babysitting needs, be it for babies, small children, or even teenagers. With Sittercity, finding a sitter you can trust and rely on is easy with features like detailed profiles, background checks, references and reviews. Sittercity wants your search to be successful and offers tips on how to select the right caregiver. First, screen them. Review each sitter's profile, read reviews other parents left about the sitter and then run a background check. Then, interview them. Conduct a phone interview if that's what works best, meet them for an in-person interview if that's what you prefer, or arrange an in-home interview and see how well the sitter fits into your home environment. Finally, evaluate them. Check their references and see if everything adds up. Search the caregivers name online and see for yourself what he or she has been up to on social media. Then run additional background checks if needed. Getting a sitter is stressful but it doesn't have to be complicated. Trust Sittercity to help make the entire process seamless and simple. Be sure to get great additional savings, discounts and deals on your next purchase or order by taking advantage of Sittercity coupon codes, special promotions and exclusive offers. Past deals include 40% off a monthly membership, 20% off a yearly membership or 30% off a 90-day membership.