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About Protect A Bed

Protect-A-Bed offers consumers a complete line of protective bedding products because every mattress needs protection!. Now selling in 30 countries for more than 30 years, the company is a worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation. Protect-A-Bed products help create a dry, hygienic, bed bug free and anti-allergy sleep zone while protecting the mattress warranty. The company developed the proprietary Miracle Membrane and patented BugLock with SecureSeal and three-sided zipper system. Take advantage of Protect A Bed coupon codes and special promotions for additional discounts and savings.

About Protect A Bed Deals

What lies within your mattress? Bed bugs are parasites that can live and breed inside your mattress, and affect both your health and quality of sleep. Protect-A-Bed's Bed Bug Protection Kit provides complete bedding protection from these pests. Featuring their AllerZip line of products, you'll sleep soundly knowing that your bed is completely bed bug proof. Also, check out Protect-A-Bed's Luxury Adjustable Pillow System, a revolutionary new pillow system featuring Tencel, the new age fiber better than cotton. The Luxury Adjustable Pillow System is super soft and fully adjustable to your own comfort level, while providing ultimate stain, allergy and dust mite protection. Finally, SnoreBeGone Sleep Positioning system positions the body to overcome contributing factors that can cause or increase the likeliness of snoring including: sleeping on one's back, weight gain around the throat, relaxed throat muscles due to aging. No matter your bed protection need, Protect A Bed has a solution. Find mattress protectors, encasements, box spring encasements, crib protectors, mattress pads, bedding protection kits, accessories, luxury sleep lines, pillow protectors, bedbug detectors and more. Want to learn more about the little critters that could infest your bed? Check out their Bed Bugs 101 and Dust Mites 101 pages to learn more about how you can protect your bed. Be sure to get added savings, discounts, and deals on your next purchase by taking advantage of Protect A Bed coupon codes, special promotions and exclusive offers. Past deals include 20% off your entire purchase.