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About Points.com

Join Points.com and make the most of all those reward/loyalty program cards cluttering up your wallet. A Points.com promo code from Goodshop can get you started with a special offer when you join and manage your loyalty points from credit cards, retailers and gas stations. Transfer loyalty points between programs, trade with other members, and cash them in for real money from PayPal.com or gift cards from hundreds of different retailers.

About Points.com Deals

Points.com is a program that lets you manage your reward points and miles from a variety of businesses, keep track of them all in one place and make the most of them. You can also trade points with other members and transfer points between programs. Use a Goodshop coupon for a special offer when you get started and sign up for a Points.com membership today.

Keeping track of loyalty programs from all the different businesses you deal with is hard work, and it’s easy to forget to check balances and use them up. Even worse, you may not have enough points on your accounts to earn a reward from these businesses. So what can you do? Simply enter all of your loyalty program account numbers into Points.com. Move those poor, neglected loyalty points over to a different rewards program, consolidate them and cash them in for PayPal cash or gift cards from hundreds of retailers.

If you are a business, joining the network of businesses on Points.com can boost your own sales by making your rewards/loyalty program even more attractive to your customers. With Points.com they can shop at your business and earn points at many different places, not just yours. Keep them coming back for more!