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About Olloclip

If you're a photographer at heart and love taking great photos of nature, sports, or random moments of daily life, forgo the chunky cameras and enjoy quality photos with just your iPhone or iPod Touch using Olloclip's 3-in-1lens solution. Featuring 3 lenses- fisheye, wide-angle, and macro- this small, convenient product will easily fit in your pocket. You can connect it to your iPhone in just seconds so you can instantly capture photographic images. Check it out at and order yours with the Olloclip coupon code to save money!

About Olloclip Deals

The Olloclip brand includes a growing line of ground-breaking tools and accessories for the mobile photographer. Their flagship product, the Olloclip, is a unique quick-connect 3-in-1 lens solution for the iPhone 5/5s/4/4s and iPod touch. It features three lenses — fisheye, wide-angle and macro — in one small, convenient package that fits easily in a pocket and in the palm of the hand. The Olloclip connects to the iPhone in seconds, allowing the user to instantly and easily capture photographic images and use various photographic effects.

Designed for extreme close-ups when you’re photographing small objects at close distances, the Olloclip macro lens magnifies your image roughly 10 times. It allows you to focus your iPhone within 12 to 15 mm of what you’re photographing, so you can fill the frame with your subject and capture it in amazing detail. This makes it ideal for capturing the smallest nuances in flowers, leaves, colorful insects and anything else that you want to explore and share in a way not possible with the human eye.

With its hemispherical shape, similar to the eye of a fish, the Olloclip fisheye lens captures a wide, panoramic view — an approximately 180-degree field of view. This ultra wide lens is designed for shooting very wide angles and is especially useful for photographing extremely wide panoramas of landscapes and the sky, and for close-up subjects in crowds, interiors, and architectural settings.

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