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Avoid harmful chemicals of cigarettes without giving up the stress-relieving element of smoking by switching to electronic cigarettes by MyFreedomSmokes.com. These safe, smoke-free alternatives are perfect for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of smoking without hurting your body or your wallet. In addition to e-cigs and e-liquid refills, you can also find DIY concentrated flavorings, adapters, cases and other parts and accessories. Visit MyFreedomSmokes.com today to view their complete selection of products and shop with your MyFreedomSmokes.com coupon code to redeem great offers and deals!

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Smokers who want to kick the tar and harmful chemicals in cigarettes without giving up the stress-relieving aspects of smoking now have an option. MyFreedomSmokes.com's electronic cigarettes offer a safe, smoke-free alternative without being harmful to the body or the budget. Based out of Charlotte, NC, Freedom Smokes, Inc. is the brainchild of founder Chris Yelton. A smoker himself, Yelton set out in 2008 to create a cigarette alternative that would satisfy cravings with none of the harmful effects of the chemical-laden cigarettes that currently fill the market. Electronic Cigarettes do not burn in the way traditional cigarettes do, so they create no smoke, no smell and no fire hazard. Smokers tired of the social stigma attached to their habit are finding the electronic cigarette alternative preferable to being forced into designated smoking areas, which are usually outdoors with no protection from the weather. My Freedom Smokes simulate traditional cigarettes in every way. They are the same size and shape, satisfying the physical habit of smoking, but rather than smoke they release vaporized steam. Taking a drag off of one of these e-cigs feels and tastes exactly like smoking a traditional cigarette, except without the carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other carcinogens used in standard tobacco manufacturing. Many smokers have had difficulty with other cessation methods such as nicotine patches or gum because even once the chemicals leave their systems, they still miss the ritual of smoking. Electronic cigarettes could be alternative that lets these smokers live longer, healthier lives. Order yours today and use the MyFreedomSmokes.com coupon code to save on your purchase!