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MVP K9 Supplements is the new leader in animal health and nutrition, bringing you an innovative line of products that will amplify your canine's health, performance, and musculature development. Their formulas are the result of extensive research and development by expert biochemists with over 30 years of experience in the field of animal nutrition. By using the highest quality ingredients, their products are guaranteed to meet the highest standards of excellence in this industry. Their products offer ingredient combinations just as they are found in nature, ensuring optimal support. On each product label you will find an easy-to-read, comprehensive list of ingredients and they invite you to compare their special products with other formulas on the market. All of their formulas are specially prepared to work in sync with one another. By using a targeted nutritional system you will achieve greater results. Each formula is produced in a NASC and FDA guideline facility to ensure that the highest standards in quality, integrity and labeling guidelines are met. Raw materials used by MVP K9 Supplements are of the highest quality and are evaluated for purity and potency prior to approval for use in all formulations. The company's research and quality control department is responsible for stringent quality control, and their guaranteed assays are performed using the most advanced computer-assisted instrumentation. Good manufacturing procedures are followed at all times to guarantee that their exact standards are met. After development, all formulations are evaluated and appraised by veterinarians and must pass sophisticated laboratory testing before the product is approved for your purchase. You only want the best when it comes to your pet's nutrition, so turn to MVP K9 Supplements for the safest, most effective, and best supplements you will find anywhere. Order today and use your MVP K9 Supplements coupon code to save on your purchase!