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About offers a new and unique way of shopping! Furniture for every room in the house, kitchen appliances, bedding, bathroom accessories and many more items are listed on Submit your price into the shopping cart, click checkout and then find out if your price was accepted or not. If the price isn’t accepted, simply enter a higher price. Price it now, buy it now.

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Price it now, buy it now. That is the motto at . The process is simple; find the item you want to purchase, and then click on the “you price it” button. If necessary, change the quantity and then click on the orange “Price it Now” button. Type in your offer price and then click on the “review and checkout” button. If your offer is accepted, your order will be complete and will ship soon. If it is rejected, you can simply go back in and place a higher bid.

This site is a new and interactive way to shop. A wide variety of items can be found on this site: furniture for every room in the house, major kitchen appliances, items for the family pets and bathroom fixtures and accessories, just to name a few. Decorations such as wall art, décor floor rugs and throw pillows can also be found on this site.

For those who love auctions and bartering, and for those who love to pay the lowest amount possible, this is the perfect site for you. Combine coupon codes with the already low price bid to save even more money. The next time you are shopping for ANYTHING on the Internet, make sure you are checking out at