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About Magnalight is your online lighting equipment superstore, offering thousands of products including explosion proof lights, GoLights, military lights, spot lights, boat lights, hunting lights, beacons and much more! Can’t find what you need? Magnalight can custom build lighting equipment according to your specific needs! Come and see why Magnalight is the preferred choice for thousands of satisfied customers around the world. Visit for a complete list of its light products, and remember to use your discount code to receive special savings.

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Magnalight specializes in military grade spotlights, searchlights, flashlights, IR emitters, explosion proof lights, and other military service related accessories since 1997. They have been a highly preferable choice for federal, local, and state governments for over 30 years. Magnalight products are durable and reliable under extreme conditions. The U.S. military’s Escalation of Force kits deployed with every soldier in Afghanistan and Iraq contain Magnalights HML-5M line of military spotlights. Those spotlights are popular, used for both portable applications and mounted on vehicles such as HUMVEEs, Bradleys, 1088s, Fox recon vehicles and other armored patrol vehicles. You can order the HLM-5M series of spotlights on or, a prime vendor to the military and an established distributor of Magnalight’s military grade spotlights. Magnalight offers a wide range of LEDs, Infrared LEDs, High Power LEDs, and HID Handheld Lighting. The high-powered infrared LED lights reach up over 7,000 feet and can be in wavelengths of Infrared 850nm or Infrared 940nm. You can order explosion proof lights for hazardous areas that require lighting. Magnalight products can be portable or mounted onto many different applications. If you are not sure about Magnalights use in real world situations, take a look at their testimonials page for letters from military servicemen and law enforcement regarding the excellent quality of the lights. has a Frequently Asked Questions page to answer many of your questions. If they don’t have the answer you’re looking for simply give them a call. When shopping at, do not forget to use your Magnalight coupon code for extra savings!