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About Mag Swap

Read the magazines you enjoy without getting tied down to yearly subscriptions. MagSwap believes people have the right to change their reading habits at the drop of a hat, and they're adamant not to make you feel guilty about doing so. For a low monthly fee, members can choose up to three magazines and then change their subscriptions whenever they please. (MagSwap, where have you been all our lives?!) Look out for MagSwap promo codes and coupons for special deals and discounts.

About Mag Swap Deals

Mag Swap allows customers to pay a low monthly fee and then choose three magazines subscriptions that they love, switching them out whenever they choose. This is a good way to get variety in your life and try different magazines that you think you might like. The prices allow you to do this for far less than you might pay at the news stand and it provides you with some excellent prices with Mag Swap coupons. You can sign up to find out what is new at Mag Swap with their email notifications. You can even choose to try Mag Swap for 60 days to see what you think.

When it comes to getting the most variety you will want to take the time to look over the hundreds of magazines that Mag Swap has to offer. They can give you more magazines for less money and make it easy for you to make the swap. You could choose three magazines that you are entire family loves in order to get something for everyone and let each person choose a month. There are many options available for you and you will see that they are some of the hottest magazines on the market.