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About LUVS Diapers

Baby care can get expensive, but Luvs diapers let you spend money on the things that count—toys, cute clothes, tons of photos—and not diapers. They provide the same, if not better protection than more expensive brands and come with a money back guarantee so you can’t lose. Visit to watch entertaining videos, learn about Luvs products, order online, and participate in their current promotions. Save on baby care supplies with coupons.

About LUVS Diapers Deals

Why pay more for baby’s diapers when there are Luvs? They are guaranteed to perform as good as, if not better than, more expensive brands of diapers. They don’t leak, they protect your baby’s sensitive skin and fit perfectly because of their refastenable stretch tabs. If you don’t agree, they will give your money back. On website you can order Luvs diapers online and save yourself a trip to the store. Shop with coupon codes to save on your next order.

On website you can find out more about their money back guarantee and how to redeem this offer. The site also tells everything you need to know about Luvs diapers, from newborn sizes up to size 5, and Luvs wipes. Visit to find out about current promotions and contests.

The website also offers several entertaining videos, mostly Luvs TV commercials, which will make you laugh. There is also a slideshow of adorable baby photos. Sign up for the Luvs newsletter and receive email offers and a $1 off coupon. You can also leave your own comment on the site, to share your expert mom advice for others along with your reviews of what makes Luvs so great.