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Today the natural skincare and well-being recipes of Le Couvent des Minimes pay a tribute to the long tradition of plant-based care and well-being of the convent of Mane. They are inspired by the story of this unique and multi-centennial place. Each of their recipes refers to an ancestral tradition from the convents and monasteries, capturing a moment in their life. This tradition is illustrated on their products with ancient engravings. Use Le Couvent des Minimes coupon codes and promos for extra savings and discounts.
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All the magic and the traditions of Le Couvent des Minimes are captured in the heart of their natural skincare recipes - the unique location and the human story of this wonderful place are the main source of inspiration for their products. Each of their natural skincare recipes pay homage to the long tradition of care and well-being through plants, generosity, and simplicity that has been instituted in Le Couvent des Minimes Brothers and the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. Le Couvent des Minimes provides daily essentials for the whole family through its range of original recipes. Their rich, plant-based balms are suitable for any skin types, including sensitive skin. They are all made in France, with Love, with the highest quality ingredients. A true delight for your senses, Le Couvent des Minimes Natural Skincare Recipes offer a journey through ancient traditions and gorgeous sceneries of gardens and orchards. Open your senses, open your heart and indulge in their natural scents and beautiful textures. Product categories include face care, lip care, hand care, feet and legs care, botanical fragrances, body care, bath and shower, hair care, and home. Be sure to get added savings, discounts, and deals on your next purchase by taking advantage of Le Couvent des Minimes coupon codes, special promotions and exclusive offers. Past deals have included free shipping on any purchase of Loving Care body balm, lotion or cream and savings of up to $10 on $30 worth of Eau des Missions Candles. Plus, past customers have enjoyed savings of 25% and free shipping on their first purchase of $25 or more.
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