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Find out how your child or students are meant to learn from Kidz Met. Figure out what type of learning personality type they possess and help them excel and develop confidence in their learning and study strengths. Get tips on organization, time management, approaching new concepts, tackling test prep, getting motivated, and much more from Kidz Met. Be sure to get extra discounts on your next order or purchase by taking advantage of Kidz Met coupon codes for special offers, exclusive deals, and great savings.

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The vision for Kidzmet is to get the next generation of kids thinking about learning like we, as adults, think about food. We all enjoy a variety of food and there are an infinite number of ways to cook each ingredient (intelligence) as well as an infinite number of perspectives on how that particular ingredient tastes when cooked a certain way. Furthermore, as our palates develop, we crave more and more complexity in our meals, adding salads, sides, desserts and wine that complement the flavors of the main course. While we may often return to the purist version of our favorite meal (e.g. a grilled steak), the majority of our meals are composed of a variety of dishes served in a variety of ways that appeal to our individual palates. Kidzmet's preference profile was developed to help you understand your child's "ingredients"—their personality, innate talents and predominant learning style. Kidzmet's Student Snapshots, Pairing Portrait and monthly newsletters feature "recipes" that incorporate your child's favorite "foods". (E.g. how to approach a long-term project with a child with a perceiving personality type or mixing language arts into a board game for a "people smart" kid.) If you like a particular recipe suggestion, you can add it to your regular rotation or try to find more recipes in the same vein. As they dabble in a wider variety of activities, your kids will be able to "riff" on the basics as they develop both a cooking style and recipes of their own...or be compelled to want to try recipes from local "chefs" (teachers, tutors or coaches) that share a similar palate. This does not mean that Kidzmet recommends pairing your kids with identical mentors--just compatible ones so that they can stretch their personalities, interpersonal skills and knowledge in new and broader directions. Visit for more information and sign up today using your Kidzmet coupon code to redeem promotional offers and special savings!