About Junk Food Clothing

Junk Food Clothing is the original vintage T-shirt company, popular for the epitome in fashion fun! A licensing powerhouse based in Los Angeles since 1998, Junk Food’s premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees conjures the ambiance of American pop culture from the NFL, Star Wars, The Beatles, Disney, Marvel and DC Comics, Coca-Cola, Popeye and so much more. Check out Junk Food Clothing’s amazing selection of fun apparel and save on your order using your JunkFoodClothing.com coupon codes.

About Junk Food Clothing Deals

Vintage t-shirts are all the rage, thanks to Junk Food Clothing. In 1998, Junk Food Clothing had a novel idea: make incredibly soft, comfortable t-shirts and sweatshirts that feature scenes from pop culture, complete with witty and quirky sayings. The popularity was almost instantaneous, with celebrities, fashion magazines, and fashionistas the world over eager to make a statement with a not-so-vintage vintage tee. Junk Food Clothing has full licensing and distribution rights to over 800 pop-culture properties across multiple categories, including rock and roll, characters, movies, sports, and foods, so when you purchase a Junk Food Clothing vintage t-shirt, you know you're also supporting the pop-culture icon whose name you'll be wearing. Junk Food Clothing creates witty, memorable, graphic t-shirts in an astounding variety of brands and subjects, like JF Designs, Rock and Roll, SuperHeroes, Star Wars, NFL, NBA, Disney, Peanuts, Coke, various characters, and more. Wear the t-shirt that will tell the world just how cool you are. Never has fashion been so comfortable! Men, women, and children can choose from long sleeve, short sleeve, fleece, tanks, shorts, sweats, leggings and more: feature your wit, personality, and charm year-round! Junk Food Clothing is the original vintage t-shirt company, and has the best selection anywhere. Don't forget to use the Junk Food Clothing coupon code at checkout for a discount on a shirt that perfectly captures your snark. You'll be glad you did.