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For simple point and click controls that make it easy for you to manage your WordPress site and market your business online, choose imPower Themes. You can achieve more with less hassle using their powerful, easy-to-use themes. Powerful marketing tools, as well as most requested features like photo galleries, video and social media tracking are all already built in. Visit their website to see how you can benefit from using imPower Themes and sign up today. Take advantage of promotional offers by using your imPower Themes coupon code!

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imPower Themes is where WordPress is made easier, allowing you to achieve more with less hassle. They offer powerful, yet easy-to-use themes– guaranteed. Simple point and click controls make it easier than ever before to manage your WordPress site and market your business online. Every imPower theme purchase comes with built in documentation and access to their support forums where help is only a post away. Also, you can’t have quality without attention to details. And it’s the little details, like making sure everything is point and click, that set imPower apart. Your site will be easier to use, perform better and look better. You'll spend less time, get more done and win more business. imPower Themes point and click controls that help you easily tweak your site and sculpt your SEO, built in SEO and FB integration, support for visitor tracking and site analytics, building mailing lists, tracking ad campaigns and much, much more. The better your SEO, the easier it will be to attract new potential customers. You want your site to just work, with no hassles and nothing extra to install. So they took the features their customers ask for the most, made them point and click easy, and built them in. Need a photo gallery? It’s built in. Video? Built in. SEO, Facebook integration, multiple layout options, support for opt-in forms, analytics and conversion tracking? Yep, built in. It’s already in the box. Visit for more information and sign up today. You can redeem special offers by applying your imPower Themes coupon code at checkout!

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