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Simplify your voicemail system and the way you've been making and taking calls for your business with Grasshopper Group. They offer you easy solutions to manage your phone traffic, forward calls anywhere, receive calls, texts and faxes anywhere, and get your voicemails transcribe to your email! Setup a toll-free number and voicemail system with a custom greeting, department and employee extensions and so much more. See how you can take advantage of these great features and sign up today with your Grasshopper Group coupon code!

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Grow your small business and turn the world into your office by using Grasshopper Group to run your business using your cell phone. For as little as $12 a month, you can get toll free or local numbers to have a local or national presence. You'll also get unlimited extensions for all the departments and employees in your organization. Get call forwarding service to mobile phones so you can work from anywhere and access your voicemail via email and play messages online or on your cell phone. Grasshopper Group allows you to manage your online and phone presence with no additional hardware to purchase. Plus, they now have a new feature which includes 855 toll free numbers. Using Grasshopper Group is easy. First, you simply pick a number for your business - it can be a 1-800 number or a local number, you choose. Then, record your custom main greeting, welcoming your customer to your line. Then, add departments and employees with their very own extension. Finally, get calls, voicemails and faxes sent to you anywhere you are as Grasshopper Group allows access to all your messages via your cell phone. You can also make calls showing your Grasshopper Caller ID instead of your personal phone number. When you want to make a call, use the Grasshopper mobile app and your customer will see your Grasshopper caller ID not your phone number. They'll never know you're calling from your cell phone. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next order or purchase by taking advantage of Grasshopper Group coupon codes for special discounts and exclusive offers. Past deals have included savings of up to $25 on activation waivers and $25 off for referring an entrepreneur.