About GNU Foods

FiberLove, a product of GNU Foods LLC, is a vegan, kosher, and Non-GMO project verified fiber goodie that tastes like a soft-baked, chewy cookie. It’s honest, all-natural, heart-healthy food to fuel you through whatever you set out to accomplish, making you feel great all over, all the time. Because you deserve the best, stop focusing on the trustworthiness of your food, and focus on more important things—like yourself. So grab a FiberLove Bar and seize the day, however you want to seize it. In any case, FiberLove will always treat you right, so you can be confident inside and out. Order your supply of Fiber Love Bars and use your GNUFoods.com coupon code to save!

About GNU Foods Deals

In 2004, a group of fiber fanatics got together and resolved to make fiber fun, delicious, and totally edible. The result was GNU Foods, LLC., a company founded on the premise that tasty fiber is fiber people will love to incorporate into a healthy diet. GNU Foods, LLC now makes the new and improved FiberLove bar, a fiberlicious bar that tastes like a soft-baked, chewy cookie. Yum! Eating fiber never tasted better, and GNU Foods can prove it: the FiberLove bar has undergone extensive taste-testing, recipe-adjusting, and customer polling to create the most delicious fiber bar ever. GNU Foods, LLC knows that healthy eaters aren't just concerned with getting fiber: they are concerned with the type of fiber in their bar. That's why GNU Foods is proudly Non-GMO Project Verified, meaning that FiberLove bars are filled with only top-quality ingredients, purchased from suppliers who meet rigorous Non-GMO standards. These bars are 100% natural, certified kosher, and all except the Blondie flavor are vegan (Blondie contains whole milk powder). When you purchase a GNU Foods FiberLove bar, you don't have to worry about where your food came from or how safe it is. GNU Foods, LLC has done all the worrying for you, so you can kick back and relax while you sink your teeth into a delicious, fiber-filled cookie. Don't forget to use a GNU Foods, LLC coupon code, and start pumping more fiber into your diet.