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Get fabulous savings on your purchases by using promo codes listed on Goodshop. has lots of maternity services available online. Lactation Consultation - A breastfeeding consultation is done in the comfort of your home where you are going to do most of your breastfeeding for the first several weeks. will try to meet with you within 24 hours of your request for assistance. Sign up for the newsletter for the latest coupons and promotions.

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Apply coupons listed on Goodshop and get terrific savings on your purchases. has a wide range of maternity services on offer. Each consultation consists of the following: A history of your pregnancy, labor & delivery will be recorded, as any or all of these could impact your breastfeeding. Your breasts will be examined. The baby will also be examined. The baby will be weighed naked before beginning a feeding. Childbirth education is designed for a pregnant woman (and her partner) in her last trimester. This class provides information vital to preparing for labor and birth. The program covers relaxation, breathing and pushing techniques as well as intervention and alternatives. This class also includes postpartum care, the use of doulas and other assistance during and after labor.

The team at Goodshop gets you the best coupons and deals so that you can save money. Even though a newborn and her mother innately want to breastfeed, breastfeeding is a learned skill for both of you. Taking a prenatal class can help to give you the confidence necessary for successful breastfeeding. In this class you will learn how milk is produced from its earliest stage to mature milk, proper positioning, latching, how often a new baby nurses and more. You will learn how to cope with sleep deprivation, incessant crying as well as other tricks to help you understand what to do when you can’t settle a fussy baby who seems well fed. You will learn strategies to use when problems arise or to know when to seek assistance. Browse through promo codes and discounts and get the best offers on maternity services.