About Emergency Essentials

Prepare for unexpected circumstances or natural disasters and feel more confident in your family's safety and security by stocking up on food, cooking supplies, water, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, cook stoves and more. Emergency Essentials offers everything you need for your emergency preparedness toolkit. Shop water storage, filtration, and purification options or stockpile food; Emergency Essentials sells MREs, just-add-water foods, or year-long supplies. Save on preparedness supplies with Emergency Essentials coupon codes and special offers.

About Emergency Essentials Deals

Their goal at Emergency Essentials has always been to help people prepare for unexpected circumstances and disasters. From the first sales of powdered milk in 1987 to where they are today, their priorities have always been the same. They provide valuable customer service, education, and quality products that create confidence and peace of mind in the lives of their customers and their families. Emergency Essentials started as a small company, but grew quickly through word of mouth. They also grew quickly through their exclusive Group Program, which allows family, friends, and neighbors to purchase in bulk to meet their needs and save even more money. Because of their history, knowledge, relationships with vendors, and size, they are able to offer their Low Price Guarantee, so you know you’re always getting a great deal. They know what’s needed and what’s not—and they won’t sell you products you don’t need. Their first goal is to help you. If that results in a sale and you become their customer, that’s fantastic—but they won’t give you false information for the sake of a sale, and they won’t sell you something that isn’t useful. They keep current on the science of preparedness. They give you the latest information that is based on the recommendations of experienced professionals and emergency response organizations—they even have a special relationship as consultants with the Department of Homeland Security regarding emergency preparedness. Be sure to get extra savings, discounts and deals on your next purchase by taking advantage of Emergency Essentials coupon codes, special promotions and exclusive offers. Past deals include a $25 gift card with new subscriptions and 5% off select purchases.