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Dressage is a competitive equestrian sport, and if you use a Dressage Training Online coupon code from Goodshop when you sign up for their monthly subscription, you will have access to over 1,000 videos that will help you and your horse become a more skilled, successful team. Watch high profile Dressage events, listen to judges explain how they decide scores, and even schedule a private, virtual training session with one of the sport’s top trainers.

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Dressage Training Online offers over 1,000 videos that will help you become better at the art of Dressage, a competitive equestrian sport sometimes referred to as “horse ballet.” Save on your montly subscription with a coupon from Goodshop. New videos are added monthly, from some of the world’s most elite judges and trainers. You can also watch high profile Dressage events.

The videos, which may be viewed online, feature training advice, tips and instruction from highly qualified professionals in the field of Dressage. They include a judge’s view, in which judges explain their process for scoring each performance. When you join, you also have the opportunity of receiving a personal online, virtual lesson from some of the top trainers, or have a judge score your performance and offer tips for improvement. Save on your membership by selecting a 6- or 12-month subscription, or subscribe month-to-month.

At Dressage Training Online you can visit an equestrian storefront and order the supplies you need, such as saddles, gloves, tack, apparel, nutritional supplements and feed, barn supplies, trailers and more from many well-known and respected vendors. You can also purchase or sell a Dressage horse through their online classified ads or contact a breeder directly.