About Doctors Foster & Smith

Drs. Foster and Smith is the largest direct-to-your-door pet supply source in America. By providing you with the tools to perform simple procedures and preventive healthcare measures, Drs. Foster and Smith helps you save money and your pet gets the consistent care when it needs. Browse for pet care products including pet meds and vaccines, flea and tick, heartworm and wormers, supplements, healthcare and more. Find the many ways to save like free shipping on orders of $49 or more.

About Doctors Foster & Smith Deals

Doctors Foster & Smith is a trusted name in pet care products and supplies because it has been veterinarian owned since back in 1983. There are a number of benefits to buying online through Doctors Foster & Smith, and considering them will benefit you significantly. For example, you can expect to benefit from everyday low prices whenever you are buying online through Doctors Foster & Smith. Additionally, you can expect free shipping on your order any time you spend more than $49 on your order. When you remember to check out using Doctors Foster & Smith coupons you can save even more on your order no matter what you’re buying or for whom.

One of the biggest benefits that come with Doctors Foster & Smith purchases is that you can get expert help from friendly staff members whenever you are buying online. Because all orders ship within a period of 12 hours, you can expect the products you need to come quickly. Whether you need pet education help or pet pharmacy products, you’ll find everything that you’re looking for through Doctors Foster & Smith. With Doctors Foster & Smith coupon codes you can get great prices on everything you buy online.