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About CyberSonic Toothbrush

Cybersonic is the world’s only complete sonic oral care system, designed and engineered by a dentist to provide gentle, yet powerful cleaning, whitening, and total care at home. The Lifetime Toothbrush Program provides extra parts and replacements at no charge, possibly making the Cybersonic the last toothbrush you ever have to buy. Browse the complete Cybersonic collection at and begin your complete oral care today. Use CyberSonic Toothbrush coupon codes to save even more.

About CyberSonic Toothbrush Deals

CyberSonic Toothbrushes brought technology and innovation in an industry that remained mostly unchanged since the first toothbrush was created and used so many years ago. CyberSonic Toothbrushes offers oral-health conscious consumers with the only complete sonic oral care system available today. It is built on patented harmonic resonance technology to provide gentle, but powerful cleaning, whitening, and total care. But what is harmonic resonance? Think of the brush head as a musical tuning fork. When you strike the tuning fork, it vibrates creating a perfect musical note. When you turn on a Cybersonic power handle, it makes each scientifically designed attachment vibrate at a specific frequency to create the perfect cleaning speed and action. Every Cybersonic head has been carefully engineered – not just to move quickly – but to brush, floss and clean your tongue using the proper cleaning motion. No other oral care system in the world uses this amazing, simple and powerful technology. It’s what allows the Cybersonic toothbrushes to be the fastest oral care systems ever – moving from 31,000 strokes per minute in the original Cybersonic to a record 45,000 strokes per minute in the Cybersonic3. It also allows all of thier attachments to cost so much less than the competition so your Cybersonic Oral Care System can pay for itself over time. Be sure to get great additional savings, discounts and deals on your next purchase or order by taking advantage of CyberSonic Toothbrush coupon codes, special promotions and exclusive offers. Past deals include savings of up to 33% on all purchases and orders site wide.