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Quit getting dirty looks when you light up in public and check out an alternative to smoking at Cigavette.com. With no tar, no ashes, no odor and no secondhand smoke, you will not only not bother your neighbors, you'll be protecting your health as well. Their e-cigarettes come in a variety of rich flavors, meant to make each e-cigarette experience fun and delicious. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next purchase by taking advantage of Cigavette.com coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions.

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Cigavette.com provides smokers an alternative smoking experience that is free of the unpleasantness associated with traditional tobacco products. A Cigavette has no tar, ashes, odor, or secondhand smoke – none of the tobacco negatives that make you want to quit tobacco for good! When you use a Cigavette you will never need to have a cigarette again! Cigavette.com offers the highest standards in electronic cigarette safety and quality – guaranteeing complete satisfaction in every puff. Cigavettes use only the highest quality 4.2v batteries for a longer battery life and more vapor than other e-cigarette brands. Cigavettes’ dual-coil heating element provides a more consistent, thicker vapor experience than the single coil used in other products you’ll find at an electronic cigarette store. Because the amount of nicotine needed to quell the craving varies from person to person, Cigavette.com offers only premium liquid nicotine mixtures in a variety of strengths to produce a rich, flavorful vapor that satisfies. How safe are electronic cigarettes compared to traditional tobacco cigarettes? The difference with a Cigavette is you can enjoy the tobacco flavor experience without the harmful side effects of tobacco. They offer a safe alternative to tobacco and are an excellent transition aide for those seeking to quit tobacco. Be sure to check out Cigavette.com alternative e-cigar and e-hookahs! From disposables to refill cartridges, e-cigars, and all the accessories, Cigavette.com is your online electronic cigarette store. For great savings and discounts on your next purchase, take advantage of Cigavette.com coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions!