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Love Chess? Want to know more about the game? Then visit ChessHouse.com, the premier online destination for all things related to the game of chess. From chessboards and collections to pieces and accessories, they have everything you need to learn the game, play the game, and love the game of chess. Be sure to get great savings and discounts on your next purchase by taking advantage of ChessHouse.com coupon codes, special offers, and exclusive promotions.

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ChessHouse.com is the place to shop online for everything you need and want to know about the game of Chess. ChessHouse.com is a family-friendly online resource you can trust when buying chess sets, boards or pieces and educational material on the game for yourself, a loved one, your school chess club or your organization. Check out their Heirloom Collection Chess Sets of solid hardwood chess boards, each a unique creation and gift to enjoy for decades and pass on to posterity. Their a selection of Theme Chess Sets including Civil War, American West, Fantasy, Animal, Medieval, Military, Metal and Pewter Chess Sets, and many more. The entire line of theme chess sets are finely-detailed and handcrafted from a lighter weight polystone that's both durable and creates a long-lasting, brilliant paint finish. Each set of pieces is separated in compartments to protect them during shipment and storage. ChessHouse.com has regulation size Club Chess Sets that are great for casual, tournament, club, class, and home. Chess Club Kits are designed to help equip your chess club or classroom with the chess sets you need! Select the kit that suits the number of chess players you anticipate as well as your budget. The chess pieces, chessboards, clocks, and accessories are packaged to form recommended starter kits. Also, each kit and package comes with a FREE lost-piece guarantee. This means if any pieces are lost or break at any time you can easily receive replacements for free. Be sure to use your ChessHouse.com coupon codes for special offers, and discounts!